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AutoContract 7

To get started now, follow these 6 steps:
  1. Click the "Install" button below
  2. Add your Form Publishers, select one to start working with, and then click "Next"
  3. Select a form to start working with and then click "Next"
  4. Click the "Open Contract" button
  5. Install the prerequisite installations
  6. Click the "Launch AutoContract" button
Start using AutoContract 7

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - In the past, we have made available two varieties of AutoContract, a desktop application (AutoContract-Gold version 6), and a web based application (AutoContract-Online version 6). With the release of version 7, those products have been phased out and replaced with a single hybrid product. AutoContract 7 is a web based smart client that utilizes Microsoft's Click-Once technology. Though it is web based, it can also be opened from your desk top and be used off line in the event that an internet connection is temporarily unavailable.

CLICK-ONCE IS USED - Downloaded software installations (in the conventional sense) are no longer necessary. Just use the menus on the left and when needed, AutoContract 7 will be installed or updated automatically. This will happen when you get to the point where you click a button that says "Open Contract".

DOT NET FRAMEWORK IS REQUIRED - The first time you install AutoContract 7, you will be prompted to install prerequisites. This is a one time installation that will be remembered by writing a cookie to your browser. After completing the prerequisites installation, you can start using AutoContract 7.

In the event you experience issues upgrading to version 7, please visit
Technical Support 1-800-277-8627