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Q10040 - HOWTO: Email from AutoContract-Gold using MS Outlook or Another Locally Installed Email Client


This article walks through a step-by-step example of emailing a completed set of forms in AutoContract-Gold (desktop) version 6 using a locally installed email client such as Microsoft Outlook.


Important: Before attempting to email with AutoContract, you should configure any firewall software that you may have to allow AutoContract access to the internet.  Additionally, if you are using email client software other than Outlook or Outlook Express, it should be MAPI compliant.




1)      First you need to be in AutoContract with a working file open.  Start by clicking on the ‘Mailbox’ icon found on AutoContract’s toolbar or click ‘File’ then ‘Send’ from the menu bar.

2)      On one of the recipient email blanks on the right, either click the ‘Address Book’ icon to select an email address from your Outlook address book, or directly type in a valid email address that you want to send to.  You may add additional email addresses in any of the other recipient blanks.  Then click ‘Next’.

3)      If you are sending a “Buyer’s Offer” and you have “Show Opt-In Screen” toggled “on” under your AutoContract ‘Preferences’ menu, you will see this screen next.  You can “Opt In” and complete it, you can select “Don’t show this again”, or you can ignore it and click ‘Next’.  Either way, click ‘Next’.

4)      This screen confirms your selections.  If you need to change them click the ‘Back’ button otherwise click ‘Finish’. 

5)      You are now prompted to save your work.  Name the file anything you like, but do not change the extension.  After naming your file, click ‘OK’.

6)      If you have saved this file before, you will be prompted to replace the existing file.  Click ‘Yes’ to continue.

7)      You may now get a prompt that another program (AutoContract) is trying to access Outlook.  To continue, just click ‘Yes’.

8)      Outlook will now open up and your email is ready to be sent.  You can change or add to any of the wording in the email but it is important not to change the link in any way.  When you have finished touching up your email, click ‘Send’.

9)      The last screen in AutoContract simply confirms your success.  You’re all done, click ‘Exit’.


AutoContract-Gold (version 6)

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